In our mindfulness workshops participants will:

  • Understand the scientific underpinnings of mindfulness
  • Learn essential mindfulness techniques and heart practices
  • Practice mindful sitting, walking, movement, listening, and speaking
  • Develop skills to reduce emotional reactivity
  • Reduce overwhelm and burnout
  • Discuss real-life examples to find real-life solutions
  • Be welcomed in a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • CEUs are often available for therapists, educators, and others
  • For a typical schedule, click here.
Thank you for a truly amazing weekend. I thought that the experience was incredibly well-designed. I felt that the different practices worked very well together and their ordering was well chosen. Also, the voice that both of you gave to the experience - the definitions, insights, and guided meditations - seemed to be ‘just right.’ I love both of your voices and I am sure your words will often be with me when I engage in these practices.
— Dr. Katerine Bielaczyc, Professor of Education, Clark University

About Devon and Craig Hase


Devon and Craig have studied with some of the great meditation teachers of our time. They teach mindfulness at the UW-Madison Hospital and Clinics, the Center for Healthy Minds, and to physicians, psychotherapists, and other helping professionals in the United States and Europe.

Joseph Goldstein, the co-founder of Insight Meditation Society and author of acclaimed works on mindfulness, says of them, "Devon and Craig are deeply experienced practitioners, with a strong dedication to their own meditation journey. They have immersed themselves for many years in long intensive practice, and I highly recommend their mindfulness teaching."