1. Meir Stampfer.png

Devon radiates compassion, joy, and deep inner peace and wisdom. She listens with attentive care, and provides gentle guidance that goes to the heart. Each morning I wake up filled with gratitude for her teaching.

Meir Stampfer, MD, DrPH
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

3. Sarah Fowler-2.png

Devon and Craig teach with lightness, humility, and vulnerability.  They are real, down-to-earth people, yet they have so much wisdom to share.  They are easy to relate to and a joy to learn from!

Sarah Fowler
Speech Pathologist
Ashland, OR

8. Jade Young.png

I’ve meditated for close to 40 years with different teachers.  What I love most about Devon and Craig is that while honoring the sacred Buddhist teachings, their approach is refreshing, playful, practical and so applicable to our crazy hectic everyday lives.

Jade Young, MDiv
Happily retired
Honolulu, HI

9. james meadows.png

Devon and Craig bring a fresh take to timeless principles of living a good life. Their humor, realness and diligent dedication to practice and study allow them to demonstrate the benefits of practice to generationally diverse audiences.  

James Meadows, JD
Pre-Law Adviser
Madison, WI

Paula Moehlenkamp.png

It’s not only Devon and Craig’s deep experience, inspiring stories, integrity and heartfelt compassion, but also their wholehearted drive to build a bridge between traditional mindfulness practice and contemporary problems that I deeply admire and love about their teachings. They truly make this world a better place by sharing their wisdom, generosity and loving kindness.

Paula Moehlenkamp
University of Hawaii-Manoa

7. Justin Ralph.png

Devon has been an absolute lifeline for me through times of difficulty and through times of growth. She has a deep, experiential knowledge of meditation, and has an incredible knack for finding solutions to issues in practice and in life. I leave every coaching with her happy and excited about my practice.

Justin Ralph
Musician & Project Manager at Bandzoogle
Toronto, ON

11. Gabrielle Farquar-2.png

Working with Craig radically changed my perspective on myself, my life, and what well-being really means. His clear and kind-hearted support shaped not only my personal world, but also my career. I am forever grateful for Craig's wisdom and engaged presence and continue to look to him for inspiration and guidance along the way.

Gabrielle Farquhar, MPH
Mindfulness Program Coordinator
Boston Medical Center


Devon and Craig's workshops have a sense of community, a warmth and humanity that make me feel very much at home. I feel that I am growing and I am not alone in the process of growing. I highly recommend experiencing them for yourself.

Carolina Casteñeda del Río, MS, MFT
President and Founder at Evolve International Consulting
Portland, OR

2. Steve Edson.png

Practicing meditation with Devon and Craig has enhanced my ability to function as a radiologist because I have a greater awareness of where my attention is directed and a greater capability of directing it.

Steve Edson, MD
Ashland, OR

10. Eli August.png

Craig and Devon embody a unique mix of experience, humor, and humility which helped make meditation accessible to me early in my practice. Thanks to their generous guidance and example, I’ve been able to open more fully to the joys and mysteries of life and found a better calm in my day-to-day, too.

Elliot August
Monitoring and Operations Fellow - Latin America Portfolio at Kiva
Austin, TX

olivia schachtel.png

It's no exaggeration to say meeting Craig changed the course of my life. Taking Psychology of Mindfulness with Craig at UW-Madison shifted things for me in an incredibly meaningful way. Of course, the meditation we learned in that class was transformative. But more than that, Craig's kind and clear presence, his ability to build community in the classroom, and his genuine caring about my personal and unique experience inspired me to make meditation a big part of my life. And that has made all the difference.

Olivia Schachtel
Marketing and Event Coordinator at The Lynn Sage Foundation
Chicago, IL

joanne king.png

Devon's graceful and authentic spirit fills her work as a mindfulness teacher. Her passion and practical hands-on experience provide a foundation that allows one to deeply immerse themselves in the teachings. This has been instrumental for allowing me to go deeper into my own practice and teachings with others. Devon is a gift for all to embrace.

Joanne King, M.A.
Professional Counselor and Mindfulness Instructor at Mindful Living Group
Maui, Hawaii