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Our Mission

Bringing mindfulness to life.

Our Commitment

SATI is a mindfulness collective committed to helping people of all faiths, persuasions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, ages, resources, sexual orientations, gender orientations, and ranges of ability bring the healing practices of mindfulness and meditation into their lives. We believe that these practices can be as restorative as they are powerful and that they can bring transformative insight and profound well-being to a world often defined by burnout and stress.

Our Vision

Also, it should be fun.

Our Guiding Values

  • Kindness: We spread kindness and understanding.
  • Embodied Awareness: We walk our talk, staying awake to how we impact others.
  • Community Awareness: We invite others to share the power of community.
  • Evidence-Based: We base our teaching on the best scientific research.
  • Respect: We honor the lineages and traditions from which we draw these practices.
  • Inclusivity & Equity: We strive to make these practices available to everyone.