How Mindfulness Saved My A$# This Week

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I defended my dissertation today. No joke. Today at 1pm I stood up in front of a committee of five ridiculously intelligent, ridiculously educated people - and tried to tell them about the world. Or at least the little slice of the world I've been studying for the past two years. 

To make matters worse, I really respect these people. Richie Davidson, the world renowned contemplative neuroscientist, was on this committee. Ann Gleig, a leading expert in diversity in meditation communities, was on this committee. 

To make matters worse still, Devon and I taught a workshop this last weekend. Which put me behind the ball in terms of preparation. And then we got stranded in Key West an extra day, which put me an extra day behind besides. 

And so I spent most of yesterday and into the night scrambling to prepare. And I spent the entirety of this morning running through the presentation, scraping it into shape.

By the time 12:30 rolled around, I was tired and wired, both. I knew I had about 20 minutes to center myself before the big moment. So I walked into my office, turned off the lights, and considered a guided meditation. 

I have Simple Habit, which gives me a thousand options and more. But this time, just before walking in to wow the world, I decided on a beautiful guided meditation that Devon does called Special Place. I listened to that. Then I listened to her guide Qi Gong for about ten minutes. 

By the end, I was centered, calm, and ready to go. Core message: my wife is awesome. Secondary message: mindfulness wins again. 

Oh, and I passed my defense. So that's a good thing.

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Craig Hase